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Some things never change.

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Snow&Regina, doomed space station, idk I want it for reasons


The self-destruct alerts reached a deafening crescendo and Snow clapped both hands to her ears, wide and desperate eyes fixed on Regina as she forced the hatch closed from outside the remaining escape pod—a single seater.

"Regina," she pleaded, voice all but muted by thick glass, thicker smoke, and shrieking alarms.

Rather than shout her final goodbyes, Regina relied on her old friend’s instincts and whispered, “Tell Henry and Emma…”; then she aligned her palm with the one Snow pressed helplessly against the fogging window—and remained there till it was gone.

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You were saying big mouth? Abcs report claims that they're more than happy that once upon a time was the highest rated show of the night. You clearly don't understand rating or else you would realize what matters is the ratings specifically 18-49 slot. Total number of viewers means shit. So come up with a better argument next time dumbass.





Just a pro-tip, though: you might want to use proper grammar the next time you call a seventeen-year-old that is in college and has been writing for a worldwide publication for over six years, a dumbass. 

Anyways, would you mind citing your sources about ABC being happy about being the highest rated show on Easter? Because all I’m finding in my double check is even more articles pointing out that it dropped by 17% in the very demographic you mentioned- which happened to also be what I was referring to in my original post. It’s really not surprising that they had the most viewers of the night, considering that they aired it on a night when most other shows had reruns or Easter specials. And yes, a 1.7 is the very lowest rank that Once has ever gotten in the 18-49. A whole .3 below last week’s episode. And can you explain the 200,000 viewers turning it off about thirty minutes in? What, they took time out of their Easter festivities to watch OUAT but became busy again halfway through? Or, maybe they didn’t like what was going on in the episode.

I’m assuming you’re getting all defensive about these admittedly horrible ratings because of a post I made pointing out the crazy coincidence that the episode publicized to contain an Outlaw Queen kiss got the worst ratings that the show has ever had in three seasons? I’m assuming you ship them.


I know how it feels to be insecure with your ship, but it’ll be okay. While Sean possibly isn’t coming back next season, Maid Marion’s coming back, and Outlaw Queen increasingly parallels the relationship between Cora and the gardener, I’m sure you guys are going to be fine. 




I also love that she has a hair tie around her wrist. That is so true to life for any girl. I always have one as well.


Idk I think feminism should be called something different like common sense or something


Sooooo true

Ellen Pompeo having a shot of tequila on The Ellen Degeneres Show (x)

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